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nonsensical: (wrong)


Authors: Alex Jovanovich, Margaret Haines, Snorri Páll Úlfhildarson, Justin Tenney, Alexis Hudgins, Becket Flannery, Dan Bustillo, Evan Burrows, Alice Wang with Bruce Hainley, Rusty Van Riper, Kelman Duran, Steingrímur Eyfjörð, Brian O'Connell, David Muenzer

Publisher: nonsensical

Details: November 2016, English, 6 x 9 in, 172 pages, b&w, softcover

Design: Thea Lorentzen

About: This is the first edition of nonsensical's third issue, (wrong). The book is trimmed at an slight angle. nonsensical is an annual publication of critical and experimental texts by artists, writers, and other thinkers. Founded in 2013 by artists Páll Haukur and Vivian Sming, the publication seeks to provide a place where its contributors can freely explore and experiment with language and meaning—whether in its theoretical, poetic, or narrative-based form. nonsensical is interested in how language can operate outside of representational systems of meaning-making, and how language sits parallel to art. In 2015, artist Alice Wang joined the collaborative to work on special publications and events.