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Farah Khelil & antoine lefebvre editions: mo'jam al arabeia

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Author: Farah Khelil & antoine lefebvre editions

Publisher: antoine lefebvre editions (Paris)

Details: 2015, English/French/Arabic, 108 pages + 2 postcards + 2 inserts, 5.5 x 8.5 in, b&w, softcover, edition of 500

About: mo'jam al arabeia is a collaboration between artist Farah Khelil and antoine lefebvre editions that transpired through the project bookworm. "bookworm is an transnational transmedia artists’ project about book-loving and book-eating, conservation and conservatism, passion and destruction. From the encounter with a destroyed book stems a reflection between two artists who are both passionate about books. It is important for us to present this project in different countries because the issues of transmission of knowledge are everywhere the same. The boundaries between passion and destruction fade away. This project is about the ignorants for whom knowledge, intelligence and education has become a threat and who seek to drag others with them into darkness. For Farah Khelil, the book eaters are thinkers and intellectuals against conservatism and dogmatism."

Farah Khelil was born in Carthage, Tunisia. Lives and works in Paris.

antoine lefebvre editions is the publishing structure and artist name of Antoine Lefebvre. Based in Paris.