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Formed in 2017, Sming Sming Books is an artist-run publishing studio based in California. Each book is developed out of close collaboration with artists and writers, using different approaches to design, materials, and printing methods based on the author’s work and ideas. At its core, Sming Sming Books is committed to promoting critical discourse and advancing cultural equity through the format of publishing. 

In addition to its publications, Sming Sming Books provides editorial and design services to artists, writers, non-profits, galleries, and museums, working with a range of local printers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles to meet the needs of each project. We are here as a resource for independent publishing, and are always open to discussions or questions. See our Office Hours page for more info.

As an online store, Sming Sming Books & Objects features books, zines, editions, and printed ephemera from artists and artist-publishers that we have worked with or just simply admire.


A selection of Sming Sming Books titles can be found at Catharine Clark Gallery (San Francisco), Commonwealth & Council (Los Angeles), E.M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore (Oakland), Little Paper Planes (San Francisco), Or Bookstore (Vancouver), and Weinberg/Newton Gallery (Chicago).